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Asvotec exhibits in an exhibition for the naval market

Event got together more than 16,000 visitors

In the period of November 07th - 10th, Asvotec and its distributor Braumat attended the Niteroi Naval Offshore 2011, an exhibition intended for the shipbuilding industry. The event took place in Niteroi, State of Rio de Janeiro and it got together shipyards, shipbuilding companies and service providers of the sector. There were 118 exhibitors and more than 16,000 visitors. At the Asvotec-Braumat's booth, the public could learn about all products of Straub line for the segment, including, a worldwide brand launch, the Straub Fire-Fence,a derivation of the Straub Grip L, fire-proof, which withdraws temperatures of 800ºC for 30 minutes, keeping the sealing.

The Straub Division Manager, Mr. José Arnaldo Zulian, considered as quite positive the Asvotec's presence in the event, because it is a well-known brand in the sector, the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with current customers and to expand the contacts in this market, whose expansion is driven by the growth of the pre-salt production.

"We were visited by representative of the Navy and the main Brazilian shipyards; it was a quite crowded exhibition", he said. The service at the booth was made by himself and by Mr. Luciano Marins Ribeiro, of Braumat's commercial area.

The exhibition of the Straub line in the Niteroi Naval Offshore 2011 reinforces also an important chapter of the partnership Asvotec-Straub. José Arnaldo remembers that Straub/Switzerland started producing coupling exactly to meet the shipbuilding industry. The exhibition is sponsored by the Niteroi city hall and by the Itaesa (Applied Technology Institute for Energy and Social and Environmental Sustainability).

Asvotec develops new technique to identify welding defects

Work was made in a partnership with two other companies

Asvotec is the first Brazilian company in its business segment to use computerized and mechanized ultrasonic method of the Phased Array technique in the non-destructive tests for inspection of welding and connections of stainless steel and carbon steel equipment.

The procedure allows to identify the welding, record the images and store them in a database. Among the advantages are: more reliable inspections, traceable files, records of 100% of welding volume and the possibility to obtain the certification of these techniques in Brazil.

According to the Continuous Improvement Manager, Mr. Auro Alves de Lima, the test was approved by Petrobras/Sequi on November 04th, and it will be utilized by the Quality Area for inspection of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and process towers.

OThe development work was made by Asvotec in a partnership with the companies GTEC, responsible for the inspection and Pró-End (consulting company) and also with support of Petrobras, Rnest Conest and Arotec Consortium, representative of Olympus in Brazil.