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First batch of WHRU and Exhaust Ducts are delivered to GE Oil & Gas
  • Design is pioneer in Brazil; the equipment will be sent to Petrobras
First batch of WHRU will be shipped to GE Oil & Gas; collaborators celebrate it.
In 2014, Asvotec had reached more one pioneering milestone in its history, and it became the first Brazilian company in designing and manufacturing the complete equipment designated as large-sized WHRU (Waste Heat Recovery Unit) and Exhaust Ducts in Brazil. The equipment will be applied on the ship Platform P-74 of Project Cessão Onerosa (Onerous Assignment) of Petrobras. The first batch was delivered to GE Oil & Gas in February and the second batch in June this year.

By comparing the results of first and second WHRU batches, the General Director, Mr. Christian Mader, highlighted the working development, with an important improvement in the results. "We had to invest a lot in the development of this product and we spent beyond the foreseen in the first batch", he says.

The development of the large-sized waste heat recovery units, with own technology brings Asvotec to a highlighting position in the market, including the possibility of exporting the equipment to other countries.

"We have a pioneering project in Brazil and now we are looking for technical and financial results in the same way positive", he says.

The activities for the production of the third batch which will be the P-76 are already started and the main plates for the P-77, the last batch, are on the ship going to the Port of Santos.

The CEO highlights the performance of all areas, in order to solve the problems with delays during the receiving of raw material as well as with third party partners. The persistence, professionalism and the team-work cooperation stood out, and Christian had congratulated on the collaborators of all departments for it. The general director had also congratulated on the production for the optimum work and hours' reduction. "We need to continue reducing each batch for reaching our goals. We know that it is possible, as now we have enough know how and we will have the raw material earlier".


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